Kia Orana Everyone...


My name is Autumn, and I am berry happy you have come to see us today  at "Autumn's Treasures".  I am especially happy that we are going to be berry good friends x I wont take up too much of your time, but pweez have a looksie around, we have  taken extra care of what we have put here for you, like our Health and Safety page, we wanted you to know that you can be dubble and tribble confident that our toys and tings are cared for and looked after, with my friends, (your 'precious' ones) in mind. And and my mummy said for me to tell you to make sure you check out our "do's and don't's" page to make sure you can feel confident about our great service, every time.

So fank you for reading, now go have a looksie around, and if

you need any help, please message me and I'll make sure my

mummy gets back to you on the double xx

See you soon xoxo

Autumn & Mummy

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